René Murrell

How to guide for Prompts that excell your productivity

All the prompt examples on this website help you to make your life easier. Learn the neccessary tricks to prompt your way to freedom. On this Website you will find:

  • Prompt examples for A.I. Chatbots and generative Art
  • Prompt examples that optimize your workflow
  • Prompt examples that structure and plan out certain workflows
  • Prompt examples to enhance your life and help you with decisions
  • Conversation examples to reach a certain goal (Talk to it like you would to any other human being)

An A.I. Chatbot can be used for many tasks. From ordering data to make learning easier for you or even to plan your day and your diet.

Just visit the Homepage or click on the searchbar on the top right corner and search whatever comes into your mind. The usage of an A.I. Chatbot will get easier and more intuitive over time. This Website should be seen as a guide for you to see whats remotely possible. No more going through 8 websites on Google to find the answer that you´re looking for.

One thing has to be mentioned: The information received by the A.I. Chatbot are not always accurate. So everything should be taken with a grain of salt and a healthy dose of common sense.

Where can I ask an A.I. to do these tasks for me?

There are many places on the Internet where you can prompt an A.I. chatbot. Though using this new technology is not cheap and costs computing power for every request that is being made.